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Why Should I Join?

Why Should I Join the Sharon PTO?

Provide Needed Resources For Our School

  • We coordinate a number of fundraisers that provide various programs, activities and incentives for our children.
  • By becoming an ACTIVE member you can help coordinate these events and make a difference.

Leadership and Decision Making

  • ACTIVE members participate in meetings to determine committee leadership, vote on various projects/request, and decide how to best provide resources for the students and teachers.
  • Fundraising:  At meetings, members bring up things the school needs help buying from art supplies to computers - as a member, we decide how to raise funds and how to distribute funds.
  • Influence important decisions.

Additional Benefits

  • Volunteering and attending various events and meetings are a great way to meet other parents and stay informed.
  • Teacher Appreciation:  The PTO takes charge of showing that the teachers are valued through various ways during Teacher Appreciation Week as well as at other specified times throughout the school year.
  • Student directory
  • Email updates including the newsletter and PTO meeting minutes
  • Get to know staff members
  • Learn how the  school operates
  • Participate in YOUR CHILD'S EDUCATION
  • When you are involved in the PTO, YOUR CHILD BENEFITS THE MOST!
  • Discover answers and discuss opinions on questions you may have about your child's education.
  • Improve teacher morale.
  • Be up to date on what's going on at Sharon Elementary.
  • Join because you care about your child.
  • Your child spends the majority of his/her day at Sharon Elementary School.  Help make it a better place to learn and to live!

Goals of the Sharon PTO

  • Increase PTO membership of both parents and teachers
  • Increase parent and teacher participation
  • Sponsor exciting student activities
  • Provide incentives for students' achievement
  • Purchase board games for indoor recess
  • Purchase smart boards and document cameras for all student use